Mooka in Black 2 by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher copyright 2014

Annual Zentangle-Inspired Retreats

Zentangle® Inspired Art
& Mixed Media Retreat
in Southern California

Dancing with Petals and Leaves
Explore Botanicals, Color, Shade, Shadow, Design & ZIA Mixed Media

Annual Retreats

Floral on Gray by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher copyright 2013

  • Intimate ALL Inclusive:
    Maximum 8-12 students allowing for 20+ hours of hands-on instruction,  fully stocked Mixed Media Studio & Power Point Presentations
  • Includes: Lodging, Meals, Snacks, Drinks

  • Instructor: Sharla R. Hicks CZT 5 & 11
  • Featuring LeCordon Bleu trained Chef: Diana Hudson CZT

  • Questions: Call Soft Expressions & ask for Sharla: 714-630-7414 or Toll Free 888-545-8616, or email:
  • To Register, CLICK HERE

Mooka in Black by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher, copyright 2014

What Students are saying about the retreat:

Chris states: “I would so recommend this retreat to any one that needs to stretch their boundaries and learn more about zentangles and more…I was a little nervous about signing up—not knowing anyone and all that pre-retreat stress, but that all changed.  I was picked up at the airport and delivered to the retreat cabin, by Sharla’s husband, an added bonus!  The whole weekend was amazing.  I tangled my heart out…the best company, met new friends, great meals—I hated to leave!  If you want to learn more and see what other artists are creating, you will find it all at Sharla’s Big Bear Retreats. P.S.  I only wished I lived closer to Sharla, so I could take her other classes!”

Mooka Blues by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher, copyright 2014 Florals in Watercolor by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher, Copyright 2014

Big Bear Zentangle Botanical Retreat in Big Bear California

Tangle and Color Examples to be taught at the workshop

20+ hours of instruction Thursday 10 pm to Sunday 5 pm

  • NOTE: Each student will have an individual session with Sharla and the opportunity to share with group
  • NOTE: ALL mixed media supplies will be provided
  • PLUS: a goodies bag full of great tangle supplies to take home.

  • Bring: yourself ready to relax and learn at Sharla’s quiet mountain retreat
    • LED or Otto Light for extra light
    • examples of your work
    • paint clothes
    • Zentangle Pens and Pencils: Micron pens and your favorite shading tools
    • if you want to learn more about a specific mixed media or paint, bring along, but not required as there will be a well stocked studio.

Mooka in Black 4 by Sharla R. Hicks copyright 2014

Shallow, undulating S curves fill the botanicals of Mooka in Black 4 by Sharla R. Hicks ©2014

My Cabbage Rose by Sharla Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher Copyright 2013 Fantasy Scapae Monoprint by Sharla Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Lake
Mountain Retreat Vista at Big Bear Lake
Sunset & Clouds Rolling In Over the Mountain

The Escape by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher, copyright 2014

What Students are saying about the retreat:

Holly Atwater, CZT: HA Designs Blog & Ha Designs on Facebook

  • Sharla’s workshops are small, intimate gatherings… So if you imagine learning in a small group with the opportunity of a one on one with the fabulous and inspiring artist, Sharla Conn Hicks, is something you would enjoy (and who wouldn’t?!)… you better register NOW! . (Thank you again, Sharla, for your guidance and encouragement!)
  • Soooo… I just returned from the MOST AMAZING Zentangle® Workshop retreat EVER!! Sharla Hicks workshop, Zentangle Dance of the Petals & Leaves : Colorways & Mixed Media, was an absolute joy! … We did mono printing, alcohol ink transfers, watercolor backgrounds, explored botanical patterns … this list could go on and on! …. Every day was filled with inspiration, from Sharla, her assistant, as well as ALL the attendees! This weekend was not just about art… We also had Diana Hudson, a wonderful Cordon Bleu trained chef (and CZT) cooking the most scrumptious meals with everything prepared to perfection and presented on the loveliest of table settings. I definitely felt spoiled! I can’t say enough about the wonderful people I was able to get to know while at the workshop as well… When it was time to leave on Sunday I felt like I had made some life long new friends. Thank you, Sharla, for the fantastic opportunity to learn from you.

Big Bear Mountain Retreat Big Bear Mountain Retreat




Mountain Retreat Front and Back Decks

Kathy Dudek, CZT:  Kathy’s CZT Profile

  • I was fortunate to sign up for the retreat with Sharla. It was amazing, from 9 or 10 in the morning til 9 or 10 at night. The only thing we really had to bring were our pens. If you get the chance to take her botanical series, you should sign up immediately. I grew so much in my tangling, the gourmet meals were incredible, and the sharing was so wonderful. This retreat was of the highest quality, and I’ve attended 18 years of retreats both in tangling and also polymer clay. My husband (a CZT too) and I plan to attend next year. Sharla put her heart and soul to make this a grand event. Ps her husband and Diana (a CZT chef) outdid themselves. Many, many thanks.

Denise Knobloch, CZT, Blog

  • I also went last year & learned so much. Food was amazing. Such a zen filled area to be at for a retreat! I am going again! Met some truly wonderful artists.


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