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Tangle-Inspired Botanicals, New Book by Sharla R. Hicks

Tangle-Inspired Botanicals by Sharla R. Hicks

Tangle-Inspired Botanicals by Sharla R. Hicks

Time spins and goals are met!

My new book is released late June 2017
Tangle-Inspired Botanicals

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Time speeds on and one day you look up and realize it has been quite awhile since you blogged.  Let me catch you up!

I have accomplished a couple of major goals in the gap between now and my last posting.  It is amazing how creative goals can gulps time and energy leaving little time or mind space for other things, like blogging.

Exploring the Natural World through Mindful, Expressive Drawing is the subtitle to the book because each chapter is introduced with my personal nature photography that showcases Zenspirational possibilities for expressive tangles and repetitive patterning guided by a synergistic partnership of “logic and intuition” for finding unique tangles inspired by your favorite florals, leaves, trees, reeds & weeds, landscapes, and more.

Tangle-Inspired Botanicals CHAPTER 1
Find Your Rhythm with the Dancing Duo: Logic and Intuition Explore Botanical Lines, Strokes, and Patterns Continue reading