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Renaissance Botanical 2 by Sharla Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Botanicals & the Renaissance Tiles by Sharla R. Hicks, CZT

Renaissance Botanical 1 by Sharla Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Renaissance Botanical 1, Sharla Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher



Exploring the Renaissance Tiles has been a rich and rewarding experience as the tiles nuances came to life under my fingers.  Adding shading with Sepia and White Pastel Pencils is like adding cream to coffee as it adds another layer of flavor,  beauty, and complexity to the artwork. The addition of Renaissance Tiles to one’s Zentangle repertoire is worth the pursuit.  If you have not experimented yet, don’t wait, you will be thrilled with the results.  Don’t know where to get the tiles, see Sharla’s Store link below.

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Enhanced AquaFluer by Sharla Hicks copyright 2014

Aquafluer & Striping by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher


AquaFluer by Sharla Hicks Copyright 2014

AquaFluer by Sharla R. Hicks © 2014

The AquaFluer tangle designed by Maria Thomas, Zentangle Co-Founder is a great addition to the Zentangle repertoire.  Here are two, one on a  Zentangle Tile with graphite shading and the other on a Renaissance Tile using Brown Micron Pigma Pen by Sakura and shading enchanced with Derwent sepia watercolor pencil and General’s white pastel pencil.

It fits so nicely into my botanicals but also appeals to my personal love of striping with its op-art flair that is supported with the Striping Tangle design by Maria Thomas (Zentangle founder).



 I love Zentangle Patterns with an Op-Art Flair

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