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SharlaRella inspired botanical by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher, Copyright 2015

The S and C curve in Zentangle Gallery: Artist Sharla R. Hicks, CZT

My SharlaRella and Indyrella Series began in early 2011 and continues on today. Take note that with each exploration in the gallery my tangling techniques, design and shading skills grew. The daily practice of Zentangle and exploring the same Tangle in a Series produced a creative explosion of new and exciting variations.

This week I was the guest blogger on the I Am The Diva Blog and I choose to featured some of my favorite tangles in I Am The Diva Weekly Challenge #231,  “The Undulating Tangles in C and S minor”:  Indyrella, it’s variation SharlaRella, and Isochor. I have illustrated the steps . . . Enjoy the Gallery Continue reading

Mooka Curves in White with Glitz on on Black by Sharla R. Hicks, Certified Zentangle Teacher, copyright 2014

Gallery: Black, White, Gold & Glitz Inspiration by Sharla R. Hicks

A late addition to Black, White and Gold Glitz theme is a lovely mooka on black highlighted with gold that I completed in September.  Here I show you the two stages of the ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) before glitz  and after glitz.   I am never sure which I like better, I love the purity of the white only but I also love the added elegance and warmth that the gold offers.

Then keep on scrolling down and enjoy the Gallery  that groups all the Black, White, Gold & Glitz posted in August & September 2014 together in one spot . . . this gallery overview shows my personal growth in understanding how white pen works on black, the exploration of adding shading or just using line, and finally explores the wonderful world of glitzy metallic pens.  I am partial to Sakura Gelly Rolls because they are so smooth and the price point is excellent. Continue reading