August 2020 Facebook Tangle-Expressions & Botanicals Group Challenge

I offer support for tanglers through a Facebook group called Tangled Expressions and Botanicals, where I encourage members to share their tangle-inspired works.  Our group is growing, membership is quite varied, and the diversity offers many unique botanical interpretations through the prism of Zentangle®, a method of drawing using repetitive patterning. This month I am starting a monthly challenge that encourages the sharing of our Tangle-Inspired Botanical works.

Tangle Inspired Botanicals by Sharla R. Hicks, available here.I credit Zentangle® with reawakening and energizing my art and the joy I find in teaching and the opportunity to help guide others on their creative path.

The repetitive patterning influence I learned through my daily tangle practice has permeated my artwork since 2010. My current work has evolved past traditional tangling and is infused with the visual vocabulary and intuitive memory developed through daily tangle practice.

I wrote the book, Tangle-Inspired Botanicals, to help others as they pursue their creative journey of discovery through tangling inspired by botanicals.  I offer private tutoring through Zoom. If you are interested, use the Contact form above.  Soon, because of COVID and interest outside of my area, I will be scheduling online courses in Tangle-Inspired Botanicals.  Stay tuned by signing up for my newsletter for the latest news and schedule.

Below is a recent piece of mine that shows the influence of repetitive patterning I learned from tangling.

Lines by Sharla R. Hicks 8x10" monoprint, pen and ink, color pencil
Lines by Sharla R. Hicks
8x10" monoprint, pen and ink, color pencil

Zentangle® is a very positive, encouraging place for the beginning artist or an artist returning to their creative pursuits. It offers a simple, very doable, method of drawing step-by-step patterns/tangles that are dynamic when finished. After students complete their first tile, I hear expressions of surprise at how they are to able to create this lovely piece of art, & Wow, I never thought I could draw, but now I can.

The simple act of mark-making using repetitive patterning relaxes the mind and allows the creative process to follow through you onto the paper.  Step-by-step takes the fear away and creativity blossoms, I promise.  The meditative aspect of repetitive mark-marking is an added bonus.

Our Challenge for Mid-August to Mid-September is sharing past works of a favorite pattern/tangle. Revisiting the same pattern, again and again, offers an opportunity to veer off the beaten path and begin developing unique tangle imagery. As you become more and more comfortable with a tangle through repeated visits, it becomes part of your intuitive logic and memory that influences your choices.  Finding time for frequent art practice allows your style to evolve into a unique visual language that is yours.   

This month's Facebook Tangle Expressions and Botanicals Challenge offers an opportunity for you to share a tangle's journey and how it found a place in your visual language's memory. For details visit my Tangled Expressions & Botanicals Facebook Group.

TIP:  Each time you revisit a tangle, ask yourself what else can I do with this tangle. What if I? Self-dialogue helps grow visual vocabulary and develop intuitive memory ready to serve you the next time you sit down for creative playtime.

Below is my tangle, SharlaRella's journey (2011 to 2014), as it morphed into a botanical. It is a tangle that evolved out of drawing IndryRella at the 2011 CZT training.  Interestingly enough, when I finally turned this tangle into a floral, a friend pointed out how much it looked like Maria Thomas tangle, Enyshou, and I said, "my stars, you are right." Wow, there is nothing new under the sun and high five to the power of visual influences, and that, dear readers, is a story for another day's blog post.

SharlaRella, a Tangled journey by Sharla R. Hicks for a Tangled Expressions FaceBook Challenge.


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