Mooka Blues and Mooka Influenced Botanicals

As I begin repopulating my website with blog posts, I would be remiss to not revisit my Mooka journey that moved to Mooka Blues, and then became embedded into the Mooka Botanical Series.  It started in the February, 2011 Certified Zentangle Training 5.   It was early in the Rick and Maria's exploration of Mooka without their wonderful instruction videos, blog post, or even a clear vision in how to teach it. 

My first examples were so very poorly rendered, I hesitate to include them here, but we all start as beginners, even CZTs, so I am willing to share. I was once told I was brave posting the REAL beginnings of my Mooka journey that shows my awkward learning curve. It is my philosophy that students need to see my work from its humble beginning not just the end results of months to years  of exploration.

In 2014 at Tangle U I introduced the The Mooka Blues to the CZT community (Certified Zentangle Teachers). I had them play using multiple color pens on the same tile and shading with blue pastel pencil. At the time, only pencil shading was being done.  The CZT community has expanded blue shading and using color pens into many wondrous and beautiful projects and classes.

My exploration of Mooka's potential continued for a couple more years and the Mooka hook was often to integrate my Tangle-Inspired Botanicals. 

Additonal examples and instruction is included in my book, Tangle-Inspired Botanicals.

 Mooka & Mooka Blues Series by Sharla R. Hicks CZT
Mooka Blues Series 2013-2015 by Sharla R. Hicks CZT

2011 first Mooka try.
2011 First Mooka Attempts at CZT training. 
Oh I had a long way to go!

Mums, Mooka Influenced 2012, Sharla R. Hicks, Artist CAT
2012 Mums
I began using strokes specific to a tangle in my Tangle-Inspired Botanicals.
Mums uses the Mooka hook as petals
as well as the over under of Verdigogh and Hollibaugh.

Mooka on Black Botanical by Sharla R. Hicks Artist, Certified Zentangle Teacher, CZT

2014 Mooka on Black Botanical
The Mooka Hook became integral in my line-drawn Tangle-Inspired Botanicals.Mooka Hearts by Sharla R. Hicks 2015

Mooka Hearts capitalizes on the my style of adding buds that climb the Mooka hook for more interest.

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