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  • August 2020 Facebook Tangle-Expressions & Botanicals Group Challenge

    TIP:  Each time you revisit a tangle, ask yourself what else can I do with this tangle. Self-dialogue helps grow visual vocabulary and develops intuitive memory so it is ready to serve you the next time you sit down for creative playtime.
  • And the Tangle-Inspired Botanical Journey began in 2010

    As I review these early works I see a style, a golden thread, woven into my work as it morphed and evolved into stronger, bolder pieces that can now be identified as my style of repetitive patterning. I see threads of botanicals and circles combining with mark making using pen and line, dots, checks, striping, framing, and backgrounds.
  • New Website and Posting Plan

    I am excited to say my website has moved to its own little corner of the world where everything is one place including retreat & workshop regis...