About Sharla

Tangle-Inspired Botanicals by Sharla R. Hicks
Sharla R. Hicks is an expressive artist
Certified Zentangle Teacher, and author of Tangle-Inspired Botanicals.

pen, ink line drawing with Tangle-Inspired Botanical theme by Sharla R. Hicks

A lifetime of observation and study of the natural world, a passion for color, combined with the study of photography, surface design, hand and free-hand machine embroidery, art quilts and textiles, watercolor and painting, collage and assemblage has informed her works that is a fusion of the organic botanicals, geometric, and a formal design amalgamation of expressive color, line, form, repetitive patterning, and mixed media.

Sharla has always shared her passions with others. Certified Zentangle Teacher Training introduced repetitive patterning to her work and a renewed desire to do art as a daily practice and teach. Her art’s morphed fusion of the past and present works inform her teaching.  Sharla includes basic Zentangle fundamentals and beyond to facilitate her student’s journey to develop a unique artistic voice using expressive mark marking and tangle inspiration melded with botanicals and mixed media.

Sharla's formal education in art did not come until her mid-thirties leaving her with an empathic awareness of the struggles the new to art and the more experienced artist bring as they move forward in their artistic journey but are not quite sure how.

Sharla mentors her students by offering the structure of the visual vocabulary and creative thinking in small, intimate classroom settings of 8 to 12 students. Reduced class size allows ample time for hands-on interaction between student and teacher as they explore and refine their unique, personal style of mark-making. Instruction includes developing mixed media backgrounds that inspire and guides intuitive design, color, and repetitive patterning choices.

Chrysanthemums by Sharla R. Hicks, artist, CZT, author

Her students are encouraged to explore the role of value, shade, shadow, and line enhancers to develop unique art pieces. She simplifies color down to the essential need to know principles for a strong visual statement using mixed media fusion of color pens and markers, color pencils, pastels, and various types of paints and alcohol inks. Mixed media backgrounds become an integral tool for her students to learn how to apply intuitive logic and creative thinking to serendipity design when developing an art piece.

Tangle-Inspired Botanical, artist Sharla R. Hicks, CZT and author

Sharla has been a life long entrepreneur throughout combining her current passion into a series of accidental businesses that ranged from freelance teaching to owner of an online mail-order company. KGEM TV host, Marlene Gibbs, interview on  'What Do You Do?',  unfolds Sharla's story.  The full interview is 56 minutes, the first 30 minutes covers her entrepreneur journey growing accidental businesses, her teaching journey starts at approximately 24:00 and at 30:00 she begins talking about Zentangle and her Tangled Journey.